Meeting Minutes (04/20/16)

United Democratic Club Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by President Justin Jones.

Members Present

  • Justin Jones, President
  • Laura Clark, VP of Political Action
  • Derek Remski, VP of Member Engagement
  • Mick Del Rosario, VP of Events
  • Andrew Sinn, VP of Finance
  • Derek Jansen, Policy and Procedures Director
  • Sergio Klor de Alva, Internal Communications Director
  • Madison Alexander, Youth Leadership Director
  • Matt Goyne, Appointment Director
  • Sean Ansted, Field Director
  • Alex Lazar, Field Director
  • Kia Kolderup-Lane, Philanthropy Director
  • Jeff Hoover, Policy Director
  • Tim Bauman, Membership Director
  • Corey Smith, Media Director
  • David Aldridge, Marketing Director
  • Frankie Arias, Events Director
  • Katie Mackenzie, Programs Director
  • Sarah Starling, Social Director
  • Derek Lee, Compliance Director

Members Absent

  • Jay Cheng, VP of Leadership Development
  • Christine Oneto, VP of Communications
  • Nima Rahimi, Fundraising Director
  • Jess Montejano, Political Staff Director
  • Ken Cleaveland, Elected Leadership Director
  • Leah Pimentel, Social Media Director
  • Chris Corgas, Email and Website Director

Internal Secretary Opening Remarks

  • Review of previous board votes
  • No minutes to approve

President’s Remarks

  1. Discussion on Chron article
  2. Discussion on Lyft rideshare reforms.
    • Policy Director Jeff Hoover urges to support legislation.
    • Motion by Derek Remski to Table this discussion.
    • Resolved: Motion carried by acclamation.

Policy and Procedures Manual

  • Every member has responsibility to put details of their job duties into Policy and Procedures Manual.

Leadership Development

  • Committee will report findings at next board meeting.

Political Action

  • Shooting short videos with every candidate that we endorse.
  • Will be putting out slate card with our endorsements.

Member Engagement

  • Membership dues set at $20 per year.
  • Endorsement voting going live on 4/21/16.
  • May 11th: 10-1:30 charity event for Generation Citizen. At least 10 UDC members should go. Memorial Grove event coming up as well.
  • Google calendar will be set up on website so people can sign up for philanthropic and political events.


  • Invite friends to Like club on Facebook and Twitter. Need to start tweeting.
  • “Politics for Busy People” designed as recruitment tool and piece of information. Trying to do podcasts as well. Goal is to be informative.


  • Guest bartending event: 46 people attended (9 elected officials/candidates) and around $600 raised.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • May 24th: UDC Book Club event.
    • June 2nd: Panel — fun and interactive way to introduce folks to local politics.
    • August 15th: UDC speaker event.


  • Club in solid financial state.

Internal Communications

  • We need new program for closed forum messaging between board members, such as Asana or Slack.
  • BCC folks and then Internal Communications Director will send out email to board with members’ votes.
  • New club emails for elected board positions.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm by President Justin Jones.