Meeting Minutes (05/18/16)

United Democratic Club Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:07pm by President Jones.

Internal Director:

  • Motion to approve last meeting’s minutes: Voted on and unanimously approved
  • Roll call

Members Present:

Justin Jones President
Nima Rahimi Fundraising Director
Robert Fay Internal Communications Director
Madison Alexander Youth Leadership Director
Matt Goyne Appointment Director
Jess Montejano Political Staff Director
Laura Clark Vice President of Political Engagement
Tim Bauman Membership Director
Christine Oneto Vice President of Communications
Corey Smith Media Director
David Aldridge Marketing Director
Mick Del Rosario Vice President of Events
Frankie Arias Events Director
Sarah Starling Social Director
Andrew Sinn Vice President of Finance
Derek Lee Compliance Director
Derek Remski Vice President of Member Engagement

Absent Members:

Derek Jansen Policy and Procedures Director
Jay Cheng Vice President of Leadership Development
Ken Cleaveland Elected Leadership Director
Sean Ansted Field Director
Alex Lazar Field Director
Kia Kolderup-Lane Philanthropy Director
Jeff Hoover Policy Director
Leah Pimentel Social Media Director
Chris Corgas Email and Website Director
Katie Mackenzie Programs Director
  • Review of board motions since last board meeting:
    • 5/4/16 Motion: United Democratic Club become a co-host of a meet and greet with DCCC Candidates Mary Jung and Marjan Philhour on 5/22/16 (who we’ve endorsed). Estimated costs: $150.
      • Motion presented by: Justin Jones
  • 5/13/16 Motion: United Democratic Club to host a Scott Wiener Tech Shuttle Panel Discussion at the Runway on 5/27. Estimated costs: $100.
    • Motion presented by: Laura Clark
    • Update: The event is not happening.
  • 5/16/16 Motion: Nominate Robert Fay as the Internal Communications Director.
    • Motion presented by: Justin Jones

President’s Comments:

  • Phone banking and canvassing:
    • Bruce Agid hosting phone bank Thursday night (5/19)
    • Canvassing this weekend
      • Look out for locations for canvassing this weekend
    • Ordering generic business cards for everyone

Motion 1:

  • Will we be adding our name to the list of supporting organizations for the Lyft legislation?
  • Voted on and unanimously approved

Motion 2:

  • Will we be supporting and giving an endorsement for the protests against Le Meridien?
    • Voted on and unanimously approved

Motion 3:

  • Should United Dems take ownership of the Usual Suspects?
    • Voted on and unanimously approved

Motion 4:

  • Proposal for early endorsement for Supervisors in June→ 2 endorsements: 1 for supervisor and 1 for ballot race
    • Voted on and unanimously approved

Motion 5:

  • Integrate Helios Voting platform into UDC
    • Voted on and unanimously approved

Policy and Procedures: No upcoming changes.

Leadership and Development: No upcoming changes.

Political Engagement:

  • Plenty of phone banking and canvassing this weekend (5/21 & 5/22) for Marjan and UDC endorsed candidates; multiple opportunities to get involved.
  • Many opportunities for a large UDC branded canvassing this weekend (5/21 & 5/22) and the next (5/28 & 5/29)
  • Saturday (5/21): Open house for Mary and Marjan

Membership Committee:

  • Next round of endorsements in June.
  • June 2nd: Politics for Newbies
  • Justin will be taking over the responsibilities of the Email Director temporarily
  • 1st slate mailer is dropping this week; expecting 60K mailers to go out; 100k+ total mailers anticipated
  • July 16th: UDC will spend the morning at the National Aids Memorial Grove, the only national monument in SF that does not receive fed funding
  • Look out for upcoming philanthropy events you can be part of


  • Politics for Busy People: 4000 views & 340 likes
  • Website: Rolling out soon, look out for the link, launch expected next week.
  • Live stream of the debate: 178 unique viewers on Periscope


  • May 24th: Book club
  • June 2nd: Politics for Newbies, 6-9pm, 150 expected attendees
  • June 13th : Romper Room – trying to get a private room.
  • TBD: Team Bonding night for board members

Finance: No updates

Meeting adjourned at 8:33pm by President Jones.