Project LEVEL

Project LEVEL is a socially active program that will appeal to creative needs and wants of the cities youth. This groundbreaking program will create a place of encouragement and change the lives of some at risk youth, by involving them with activities that they may already be interested in.

The ideology of Project LEVEL was created by Richard “Big Rich” Bougere and Danielle Banks in order to mentor and cultivate the hearts and desires of the at risk youth of the city of San Francisco. Big Rich and Danielle were both raised in San Francisco and spent most of their teen lives in the city. Both them faced the same challenges that most teens face right now. Richard and Danielle are exponentially intelligent and talented in several areas. Yet both of them did not have an immense number of positive outlets to express themselves or to develop their crafts. Richard found himself creating beats and then branched on to the artistic expression of rap. Whereas, Danielle cultivated her creative side working behind the scenes in marketing and public relations.

In order to properly address a crisis, one has to seek not only a cause but a situation. Therefore, our mission here, at Project LEVEL, is to improve the self esteem and social skills of our youth, by exposing them to an entrepreneurial environment using the arts. As we all know, San Franciscan youth are enthralled by the Arts. We can see the impact of the Arts in our youth. From their attire, the music they listen to, and the lifestyles peruse. Instead of pursuing negative arenas of the influence in music and entertainment, Project LEVEL seeks to counteract the detrimental aspects and build upon the benefits and positive attributes for all venues of media.

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