Meeting Minutes (06/15/16)

United Democratic Club Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:22pm by President Jones.

Internal Director:

  • Roll call
First Last Attendance
Alex Lazar Y
Andrew Sinn Y
Bobby Rasmussen Y
Chris Corgas N
Christine Oneto Y
Corey Smith Y
David Aldridge Y
Derek Remski Y
Derek Lee Y
Derek Jansen N
Frankie Arias N
Jay Cheng N
Jeff Hoover Y
Jess Montejano N
Justin Jones Y
Katie MacKenzie Y
Ken Cleaveland N
Kia Kolderup-Lane Y
Laura Clark N
Leah Pimentel N
Madison Alexander N
Matt Goyne Y
Mick Del Rosario Y
Nima Rahimi Y
Robert Fay Y
Sarah Starling Y
Sean Ansted Y
Tim Bauman N
  • Motion to approve last meeting’s minutes: Voted on and unanimously approved


Friends of the Urban Forest (Phil Pierce):

Ballot measure with support from Eric Mar and Scott Weiner. General support for the board of supes. Polled at 69%, would need 66% of the vote. Board will consider endorsement.

President’s Comments (Justin Jones):

  • New position: Press Director, Programs Director, Volunteer Director, Events Director
  • 104K slate cards


Political Engagement (Laura Clark):

  • Phone banking was strong and engagement was up
  • 104K Slate cards went out, positive feedback that voters voted off UDC Slate cards.

Member Engagement (Derek Remski):

  • February charter & late March facebook launch we are now at 101 paying members, up from 56 last month (80% month over month growth), 48 voting up from 27 last month (75% month over month growth)
  • 2 endorsement votes coming up, questionnaires are going out to the candidates

Civic Engagement:

  • Aids Memorial Grove event is a 4 hour commitment starting at 8:30am launch, July 16th. Grove is one of the only parks in the US that does not receive federal funding.


Motion 1: Volunteerism at Pride with London Breed a sanctioned UDC event?

  • Voted on and unanimously approved

Motion 2: Is the Grove Memorial event sanctioned UDC event?

  • Voted on and unanimously approved

Motion 3: Is the DCCC voter registration drive a sanctioned UDC event?

  • Voted on and unanimously approved

Motion 4: Will participation in Blood Drives from now until the next board meeting (July 20th) count as a sanctioned UDC event?

  • Voted on and unanimously approved

Communications (Christine Oneto):

  • Now up to 672 likes on Facebook. Go Corey and Katie!
  • Website is now up and running.

Events (Mick Del Rosario):

  • D7 candidate event coming soon
  • First Presidential debate: September 26th
    • Planning a co-hosted event with other city dem clubs
  • Back to School event: focused on driving school supplied donations
  • 90’s Trivia was strong given Warriors game
  • Possible Will Durst event
  • Possible Historic Chinatown tour by Rick Evans

Finance (Andrew Sinn): No updates

Media (Corey Smith):

  • Educational platform of city government + video pieces
    • Possible educational section on the website
  • Guest speakers to appear on Politics for Busy people
  • Land Use Committee

Meeting adjourned at 8:48pm by President Jones.