United Democratic Club Board Meeting Minutes

Call to order at 7:20pm by President Jones

Internal Director: (Robert Fay)

Roll Call

Alex Lazar Y
Andrew Sinn N
Bobby Rasmussen Y
Chris Corgas N
Christine Oneto Y
Corey Smith N
David Aldridge Y
Deirdre Turner Y
Derek Remski Y
Derek Lee N
Derek Jansen Y
Frankie Arias Y
Jasleen Ahuja Y
Jeff Hoover Y
Jess Montejano N
Justin Jones Y
Katie MacKenzie Y
Ken Cleaveland N
Laura Clark Y
Leah Pimentel N
Madison Alexander N
Matt Goyne Y
Mick Del Rosario N
Nima Rahimi N
Robert Fay Y
Sarah Starling N
Sean Ansted Y
Tim Bauman N
Alex Lazar Y


Motion to approve last month’s minutes:

  • Passed


President’s Remarks: (Justin Jones)

  • Phone banking after board meeting
  • 302 attendance at Bobby’s Bash
  • DCCC resolution, $500 contribution limits.
  • Jay Cheng has resigned from the board


Motion to vote for DCCC campaign contribution limits

  • Voted on and passed


Policy and Procedures: (Derek Jansen)

  • No Report


Leadership Development: (Alex Lazar)

  • No Report


Political Engagement: (Laura Clark)

  • Look out for canvassing opportunities.


Member Engagement: (Derek Remski)

  • 200+ members at the moment
  • Still signing up several members a day


Communications: (Christine Oneto & David Aldridge)

  • Presidential watch party 9/26
  • Passed 1000 likes mark on Facebook


Events: (Jasleen Ahuja)

  • Campaign tech panel was a hit
  • Look out for art and politics panel


Finance: (Justin Jones)

  • No update

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm by President Jones.