Huge News!

Members and supporters,

Big news – the RFK Club has a new exciting name – The United Democratic Club!

Why United? Simple: 2017 is a year all Democrats must come together as one to fight the assault on progressive American values by the Trump Administration. Under our new banner, we seek to unify and empower San Francisco’s many shades of Democratic blue so we are best prepared to promote and defend Democratic accomplishments on a local, state and national level. As the United Democratic Club (UDC), we will continue to follow our core principles of inclusiveness and unity. Our goal is to fight for social justice, protect those who are vulnerable, and work to provide economic opportunities for all.

And we’re fired up and ready to “do the work.” Today, a resolution will be announced by Supervisor Ahsha Safai and Mayor Lee which UDC Legal Director Nima Rahimi was involved with that denounces Trump’s immigration ban aimed at Muslims. Over the coming weeks, we will host a phone bank to help save the Affordable Care Act, provide volunteer opportunities with the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts and Simply The Basics, host a fundraiser for Civic Youth Now, and offer another Politics 101 educational course. Last week, we were proud to host a 2016 Election Post-Mortem Panel with a former Senior Advisor to President Obama, two former consultants to Hillary Clinton, and the pollster for Bernie Sanders. We were thrilled with the showing of grassroots support – over 250 attended and we were ecstatic to welcome 54 new members to the Club.

Last year was a big year for the Club and our members as we hosted 43 member events, 11 of which were volunteer opportunities of fundraisers for local non-profits, and our 312 members collectively donated more than 1,000 hours of their time to campaigns and issues. We’re excited to build upon 2016 for an even bigger 2017.

Why the switch? The Robert F. Kennedy Democratic Club was named to honor the inclusiveness and unifying nature of Robert F. Kennedy’s leadership. We have been proud in the past year to emulate RFK’s devotion to public service and the work he did to unify people under Democratic values. However, Robert Kennedy, Jr. recently asked us to no longer organize under his father’s name and we will honor his wishes. Considering he is ready to work with Trump on a potential “vaccine safety and scientific integrity” committee, this was an easy decision. We do not want our work to be mistakenly associated with Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s collaboration with Trump or anti-vaccine advocacy.

We are still strongly committed to celebrating and following Robert F. Kennedy’s example – and the examples of so many other extraordinary Democrats – of working to bring together all Americans, regardless of circumstance or ideology, and we are excited to continue building our club and fighting for the Democratic Party and Democratic ideals as the United Democratic Club.


In unity,

Justin Jones
United Democratic Club