Why Georgia’s Special Election Matters

This election matters. Georgia matters.

Protests, rallies, and calling your representatives are important parts of the resistance to the Trump agenda—but nothing is more important than electing officials with the power to block Trump. The road to protecting our healthcare and our rights runs straight through the GA-06 special election.

We can win this. This district has shifted, slowly but surely, towards Democrats with every cycle—while Mitt Romney won by 24 points, Donald Trump only carried it by a point, with 48% to Hillary Clinton’s 47%.   This isn’t a big district—if enough of us mobilize enough voters, we can win this. This is our moment to make that final push.

This seat is especially important because it is Tom Price’s old seat—the very same Tom Price who Trump appointed to gut the affordable care act. Winning this seat with a pro-healthcare message sends a strong message to Congressional Republicans that they better preserve healthcare protections-or their seats are next.

Remember that while winning is important, this is a long game—even coming close, even increasing Democratic turnout, all of that sends an important message and builds an important movement. This will be a long fight. This will be a long struggle. But we will prevail—from the coasts of San Francisco to the savannahs of Georgia.

Join us.