Who We Are

About Us

Founded in 2016, we are a diverse group of Democrats that work to support innovation and unity in the Democratic Party. Our mission is to empower Democrats across San Francisco to foster civic and philanthropic engagement.

Elected Board Members


Justin Jones

Email: president@uniteddems.org


Vice President of Leadership Development
Nelson Zhao



Vice President of Political Engagement
Laura Clark



Vice President of Member Engagement
Derek Remski



Vice President of Communications
Christine Oneto



Vice President of Events
Mick Del Rosario



Vice President of Finance
Andrew Sinn


Appointed Board Members

Policy and Procedures Director
Derek Jansen

Fundraising Director
Nima Rahimi

Internal Communications Director
Robert Fay

Political Staff Director
Jess Montejano

Elected Leadership Director
Ken Cleaveland

Field Director
Sean Ansted

Field Director
Alex Lazar

Philanthropy Director
Deirdre Turner

Policy Director
Jeff Hoover

Membership Director
Tim Bauman

Media Director
Corey Smith

Social Media Directors
Leah Pimentel and Chris Corgas

Email Director
Katie Mackenzie

Marketing Director
David Aldridge

Press Director

Events Directors
Frankie Arias and Matt Goyne

Programs Directors
Bobby Rasmussen and Jasleen Ahuja

Social Director
Sarah Starling

Volunteer Director
Madison Alexander

Compliance Director
Derek Lee

Club Committees

Book Club
Emre Titizer